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Studies have shown that when a furnace has annual tune ups, 1/3 has much less breakdowns.

Tune Up and Safety Checks for Furnaces are:

  • Replacement of nozzle, oil filter, pump screen
  • New electrodes if necessary
  • Combustion chamber/heat exchanger inspected for damage and holes.
  • Burner flame: A check of air adjustment is performed
  • Motors: If required, replace belts and oil. Proper operations will also be inspected.
  • Vent pipe to chimney: Inspect the pressure of the draft and pipe.
  • Brush and vacuum boiler/furnace to remove all scale and soot.
  • Blower wheel: Clean and inspect.Furnace filters: Note correct replacement size and look over condition.
  • Controls: All the controls and safety devices will be inspected.


  • Start up boiler and furnace again.
  • Give a record of the tune up written out.
  • Answer any and all questions to the work completed dealing with maintenance, operation and efficiency.

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